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Benefits of our Write as a Lawyer Partner Program

Whether you are a start-up professional or an established firm, we provide you with the opportunity to obtain as many clients and referrals as possible.

Joining our program helps your clients with their legal document needs, and if your clients are satisfied, we all grow.

We offer you the opportunity to increase your client portfolio with our database, where we filter the ideal clients according to your legal specialty.

We have created a partner program that not only allows you to earn money with a completely new revenue stream, but gives you access to 60-day cookies, marketing materials and reports.


Our partner program for Write as a Lawyer does not limit you, because we want companies from all productive sectors to have the opportunity to obtain the best performance from their legal documents.

Our priority is that all our partners exercise their economic activity without the limits that may arise from legal issues, however, there are situations from which companies can take advantage, for example:

  • If you have no legal experience and are unable to serve your clients who are seeking legal advice
  • Agencies or companies where they do not have experience in legal matters and are consulted by clients.
  • Companies or agencies where clients seek legal information to start a small business or SME.

All these clients seeking help can be referred to our professionals and you get commissions for creating these referrals.


With our partner program of Write as a Lawyer. we create opportunities for all of us to benefit either through:

  • Create a referral, where you, as a company, recommend us and get previously agreed commissions.
  • Promote our company in your social networks through our web link.
  • Create a B2B business alliance, where your firm and our company obtain mutual benefits, according to the contract.

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